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DV Blockchain

Where traditional tools have failed, new technology is here and it is already reshaping the world we live in. The question that must be asked today is not how to achieve sustainability by going fully digital; but rather, which digital tool to use for which IRL problem to tackle. Indeed digital isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but an opportunity that requires curatorship. The Metaverse is the stage where the solutions will unfold, and if curated correctly, we can use these new tools to achieve our goals for sustainability.

The DV Metaverse on Unreal Engine 4 will present us with the most accurate reflection of our realities to date. In this parallel 3D world, immersive technologies will align for the same purpose: to disrupt our known realities and challenge our ideas around the use of technology, to bring a common understanding, or consciousness, nudging us towards taking more responsibility of our daily actions.

The Digital Village helps us in determining our individual strengths and skills, and how to utilize our unique abilities to serve the global community. This shared ambition brings us closer together – the ambition to implement and maintain a shared global sustainability culture for each and every one of us; a culture that embraces diversity around the world.

Through a blending and assimilation of various identities we will be able to improve and obtain the desired outcome.

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